contact: karen@karendandcompany.com

PRODUCER: KarenDand Co: HEAD "Players Only" series.
PRODUCER: KarenDandCo: "MEGA Construx". 
PRODUCER: Michael Wilson Films "Happy Places" for Moose Toys, "Mysticons" for Playmates Toys. 
PRODUCER: Kinetic Content "Opel VR 360" and "Gillette". 
PRODUCER: Michael Wilson Films. The Happys, The Amazing Zhus, Lalaloopsy.
PRODUCER: "Germany's Next Top Model 2014" Show open, trailer and commercials.
AGENCY PRODUCER: Spin Master Toys: Dreamworks Dragons, Logo Party, Hedbanz, Perplexus, Boom Boom Balloon.
LINE PRODUCER: Michael Wilson Films: LaLaLoopsy
CO PRODUCER: HEAD Tennis: "Metal Detector" Golden Ball 2013
AGENCY PRODUCER: Freefall Films: "Glow" Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion
LINE PRODUCER: Socketfilms: "Walk Well" Saint Mary's Hospital
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: MGA Entertainment: Bratz, Lalaloopsy, Moxie Girlz, BFC, Little Tikes, ePetz, etc.
LINE PRODUCER: BrainZoo Studios: Star Wars Lego Commercials “Speeder Bikes” & “Luke, I Am Your Father”
LINE PRODUCER: BrainZoo Studios (Animation/CGI): Shrek2, Shark Tale, Lemony Snicket,
Medal of Honor, Darkwatch, Rainbow Valley Fire Department, Prince of Persia 2.
LINE PRODUCER: The TV Dept/McCann-Erickson, “Scholl – Killer Shoes” (Commercials)
CGI PRODUCER: Discovery Channel/Base Productions “Fight Science”
UPM/LINE PRODUCER: TAG Entertainment. “Motocross Kids” (Feature)
LINE PRODUCER: The Association. “My Wife & Kids” (Behind The Scenes Promo)
LINE PRODUCER: Mattel - Barbie, Hot Wheels (Commercials & Industrials)
POST PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: Mattel - Harry Potter, Barbie (Commercials)
AGENCY PRODUCER: Physician’s Formula – Pierre Fabre (Commercial)
Prod. Mgr. Ron Foth Productions, Marshall Field’s, Mervyn’s, (Commercials)
Prod. Mgr. Tony K. Ltd – Virgin Records (Music Video)
Prod. Mgr. Cognito Films – BMW, Amtrak, Motel 6 (Commercials)
Dryer/Taylor Productions (re-named SunSpots), Raleigh Studios, Hollywood:
Staff Prod. Mgr, Producer, European Sales Rep. – Dodge, Ford, Exxon, Kellogg’s, Mattel.
McCann-Erickson (U.K.):
Television & Radio Producer:
Coca-Cola, Peugeot, Exxon, British Gas. (National & International Campaigns shot in various countries).
IPA (Institute of Practitioners In Advertising) Producer’s Diploma with Distinction. (Awarded to the top 5 candidates in the U.K.)
Film & Drama (BA, Hons) Degree, University of Reading. U.K.
Louis Lesko, Director            310.337.1690
Lynn Luckoff, Creative Director 310.463.2201

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