In a world where mediocrity all too often is accepted, Karen Dixon is not second best! 
A professional of true talent & experience we all dream of working with. 
I count myself very lucky to have done so.
Don Hughes CEO Don Hughes Music UK/US

As Executive Producer at MGA Entertainment, Karen Dixon expertly led multiple teams in the production of more than 70 commercials a year.  She wrested exceptional value, maintained and exceeded severe budget limitations while keeping hundreds of people happy under her direction. Her knowledge and capabilities in the arena of film & video production are unparalleled. Also, as needed, she slipped into the role of Line Producer with perfect professionalism. Karen made my life easy, instinctively interpreting and executing creative with an indefatigable can-do attitude. Simply put, Karen Dixon is the best producer I have worked with in 25 years in the business.   
Ken Kauffmann. VP, Advertising. MGA Entertainment.


As the composer and music producer for MGA Entertainment's Moxie Girlz I had the joy and good fortune to experience the magic of Karen Dixon's ability as a producer.
Karen works with the soul of an artist and the mind of a CEO.  She embodies the vision of her clients and communicates that vision with total precision on a panoramic level to everyone she works with. It was a pleasure to work with Karen and observe how her decisions align people in the direction of obtaining the most stellar product possible.
LJ Jaxon
LJJ Productions


We had a relatively complex job to produce for Buena Vista promoting the
"My Wife and Kids" TV Show. It involved behind-the-scenes shooting and
interviews with the principles. Our problem was that we were scheduled to
shoot for two weeks in the Caribbean at the same time. As Buena Vista is one
of our best clients, we were very concerned about who we could hire to
produce this in our absence. Karen was the one, and she did an absolutely
fantastic job, staying under budget and making the client very, very happy.
Tim Melchior, President,  The Association of Film and Video Producers.

When I sit back and look at all the complex subtlety of the planet, I wonder,
how did God do so much in such a short amount of time.  Then I saw Karen's
name in the acknowledgments section of Dead Sea Scrolls.

A creative, flawless, tenacious and loyal talent with more connections than...
well you know who.
Lou Lesko, Director.

As an animator I had the pleasure to work for Karen Dixon on several projects at Brain Zoo Studios.
As producer she managed to get the projects done on schedule and still maintain a very pleasant personality. 
So much so, that I now consider myself lucky enough to call her a friend.
Dave Bailey - CG Character Animator
Karen is a lovely person to work with--she produced countless
projects for me at Mattel, and I always found her to be a great
producer: buttoned up, easy to work with, a problem solver; and
committed to doing her best work under impossible deadlines!  All that
with a smile on her face!   Norma D. Grove, Creative Director

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